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The Lee-Fendall House Museum & Garden interprets American history through the experiences of those who lived and worked on the property from 1785 to 1969. As an educational resource, the museum preserves its historic fabric to promote community engagement about the relevance of the past to our present.



As a private residence for nearly two centuries (and, briefly, as an Army hospital during the Civil War, Lee-Fendall provides a living text for visitors to understand how American life has changed over the years. Lee-Fendall’s story encompasses nearly the whole of American history, with the house first constructed before the writing of the Constitution – and with families still living in the house when people were walking on the moon. The contributions made by the hundreds of people who lived and worked here to the City of Alexandria, to Virginia, and to the nation are crucial tools to understanding and appreciating our shared history.

The museum shares this story with thousands of visitors each year, who visit for tours, educational programs, and community events. At a time when many are worried about a decline in historical and civic understanding and education, Lee-Fendall has seen our visitor numbers and program attendance boom.

We’ve been working hard to tell the stories of dozens of individuals who have lived and worked at Lee-Fendall over the decades – and it’s clear that people are responding. In 2019 we’ll be rolling out a sequence of three education programs to get the next generation excited about history:

  • Summer Stories, introducing preschoolers to the idea of the past.
  • Hands On History, for school-age kids to roll up their sleeves and learn firsthand how people used to live.
  • The War at Home, a new field trip program we’re debuting to help older children understand the Civil War and Reconstruction through Alexandria’s experiences.


We believe that each visitor has something unique to contribute to the site, and that they come wanting to leave with some new knowledge and a new inspiration. Here, we believe that knowledge of the past inspires a brilliant future. We hope you will join us in supporting this vision.


As all Americans increasingly worry about a lack of historical and civic education, Lee-Fendall House is working to offer new programs to help the Alexandria community – and especially our kids – develop a lifelong love for history.

Suggested Donation Amounts:

  • $25 Purchase picture books for budding historians attending our Summer Stories preschool program
  • $75 Provide supplies for kids to experience life during Alexandria’s past during our Hands on History Program
  • $250 Train our volunteer docents to provide a year of programming and education.

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